Calling all SpaceUps, we want you for International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2013 in Beijing!

After all these great SpaceUp events everywhere in the world bringing together so many diverse people discussing about the space topics they like, the initiator of SpaceUp and the local event organizers for SpaceUp Stuttgart and SpaceUp India thought it would be a great idea to evaluate what we achieved with SpaceUps. In this way every future SpaceUp can benefit by our finding. So we need all of you SpaceUp local event organizers and participants for this collaborative evaluation.

And the best part of this is it, that we will present the final result at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2013 in Beijing. The IAC is an annual congress organized by the International Astronautical Federation together with the International Academy of Astronautics and the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). Diverse space discipline are presented and discussed in plenary sessions, lectures and meetings. The IAC is attended by the agency heads and senior executives of the world’s space agencies. And this year’s IAC will be held from 23 – 27 September in Beijing, China under the theme of “Promoting Space Development for the Benefit of Mankind“.  We think SpaceUp has a part in promoting space, so we should be there.

On behalf of all SpaceUps we submitted the abstract “SpaceUp unconferences: a 21st century global approach to space outreach” for the ”Space Culture: Innovative Approaches for Public Engagement in Space” session (2013-09-27 09:45) and it was accepted for a presentation and paper.

So we all can show what makes SpaceUp special, it’s participation. And we also would like to integrate the participatory approach for this “Year Book” what will become the paper for IAC 2013. So all of you will be co-authors and all of your SpaceUps will have a part in it. We will bring SpaceUp to those, who still haven’t heard of it, but are experts in their space sector. So it’s the very essence of SpaceUp connecting experts and the public in an innovative approach.

The content of the year book is not fixed. We just want you organizers to tell us what you experienced during your SpaceUp, what made it special, what didn’t work or what was an unexpected success. And we also want to hear from participants what you like or didn’t like about unconferences like this or what you would do in another way. Perhaps it changed the way you think about space and you want to share your experience. What do you think? Just tell us! We will help you writing and collecting everything.

We will start the collaborative working in here and you are kindly invited to participate any time. You can tweet or email us for questions or commitments, but we’re not the heads of this “Space Up Year Book 2010-13” it’s YOU! So let’s see where we head. Be creative, be curious, be part of the paper! There is space for everybody!

And who knows, perhaps we will all meet-up in Beijing and have a SpaceUp at IAC 2013 like there was for SpaceUp at ISDC 2013 (will be held at the International Space Development Conference in San Diego)?

Read the starting point for the SpaceUp Year Book, read the abstract for IAC here (IAC-13,E1,8,7,x17081.brief)!

Your fellow SpaceUp organizers!

PS: If you attended SpaceUp Paris and have seen this @60SecondsToLand video, you now know why the IAC 2013 was mentioned.

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