SpaceUp LIVE #2

SpaceUp LIVE #2– 24 JUNE 2020 Join us for the second SpaceUp LIVE! SpaceUp LIVE is an online version of the global “space unconference” SpaceUp. It is a brilliant way to spend time with collaborators all over the world, without leaving your home, sharing your interest about space. Registration is now OPEN Re-watch the first SpaceUp LIVE here. Further information can be found archived here.

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How does it work?
Everyone who registers for SpaceUp LIVE is encouraged to give a talk or start a discussion in a live conference call. We bring together your submissions and amend the grid to moderate the best selections, which are posted to the “grid”.
Key dates (subject to change):
  • 15th May: Registration opens – call for proposals
  • 19th June: Call for proposals closes
  • 22nd June: We let successful applicants know if they will present. All others are invited to join the interactive Q&A
  • 24th June: SpaceUp LIVE


  1. Eldrige de Melo, Airbus Defence and Space/Aerospace Valley (@EldridgeMelo) – “Paradigm Shift in Space Project Management”
  2. Gujjati Sathvik, Space Enthusiast from India - “Plasma Propulsion- The Future of Space Exploration?”
  3. Hamza Shumsy (@hamzashumsy) – “Why I Love Space”
  4. Matthew Leach, DIY Space Projects (@thought_monkey) – “Hayabusa2: The other other asteroid mission”
  5. Burt Hubert (@galileosats) - community tracking the orbits of all GNSS” 
  6. Marco Romero, Angolan Office for Space Affairs (@marcoro75925331) – “New Space Ecosystem in Africa”
  7. Andrew Kennedy, Chronolith Project (@Chronolith1) – “Coincidence numbers and the origin of the universe”
  8. Andrey Rodionov, r2cloud (@dernasherbrezon ) – “r2cloud – decode satellite signals on raspberrypi”

Grid sessions

  1. Martina Lofqvist, AstroAgency (@theAstroAgency) – “The Virtual Space Community”
  2. Mohammad Iranmanesh, LIDE Space (@lidespace @SpaceMoh) – “LIDE : microgravity test platform using gliders”
  3. Davi Alves Feitosa de Souza, Habitat Marte – “ Space greenhouses: proposals of a Mars analog station in Brazil.”

Panel session – #SpaceFromHome

Dr Becky Smethurst – Astrophysicist, University of Oxford/Galaxy Zoo (@drbecky_ @galaxyzoo)

Dr Becky Smethurst is an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford and star of astronomy-themed YouTube channel “Dr Becky”. Her current research is trying to answer the question “How do galaxies and black holes evolve together?”. Her YouTube channel, Dr Becky, where each week she explains either an unsolved mystery, a weird object found in space or general space news with an unnatural level of enthusiasm, has over 100,000 subscribers (and counting!). Her debut public science book “Space: 10 Things You Should Know” was named one of Sky at Night magazine’s top 20 books of 2019.

Ramasamy Venugopal – Fellow, IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (@ram_cosmo @Astro4Dev)

Ramasamy Venugopal works at the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development, based in Cape Town, South Africa, dedicated to using astronomy and space to drive positive benefits to society. He has a background in space studies from the International Space University and electronics engineering from India with experience in the field of telecommunications. He is also an active member of the Space Generation Advisory Council. He is passionate about Space4Development as well as equity and diversity in the space sector and beyond.

Dr Hayley Evers-King – Marine Applications Expert, EUMETSAT (@HayleyEversKing @EUMETSAT)

Dr Hayley Evers-King is a marine applications expert at EUMETSAT in the User support and Climate Services division. She provides user support and training on ocean applications of satellite data, and manages feedback between user(s) and operational satellite agencies, mostly in support of the European Commission Copernicus Programme. Her research background covers the use of optics to derive information about the oceans. She has worked throughout the satellite data value chain from the validation of satellite sensor measurements, to algorithm development and data use for various applications including harmful algal blooms, ocean heat flux, carbon pools, climate model validation and marine spatial planning. She is a keen programmer, focusing exclusively on open source tools, and a passionate science communicator seeking novel ways to use new media to share science with new satellite data users and the public. Prior to her current role, Hayley worked for 5 years as a Marine Earth Observation Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. She obtained a PhD in ocean remote sensing from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2014.

What if I don’t want to present?

The whole event is planned to be streamed to YouTube LIVE
Those who register will be able to join the Q&A to directly interact with us at the end of each session. Viewers who join our Q&A will also be able to ask questions.

Organiser – R&R Space (@randrspace @spaceupleics)

It is the mission of R&R Space to push the boundaries of space technology and innovation by engaging people and ideas. We achieve this through new and exciting concept events and training. It is our aim to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and space explorers by unlocking their potential and linking them with new skills to build the future of space. R&R Space is founded by two space enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, Ryan Laird (@rjmlaird) and Ryan Bradley-Evans (@astro_ryanbe) who share a common vision of humanity’s place in space. R&R Space are the organisers of SpaceUp Leicester. They use SpaceUp as a means to start the discussion around the topic of space, building a sense of community and a hub in the region for this growing industry. The aim is to spark some creative ideas that could lead on to future projects and activities in the region and beyond.