SpaceUp is a space unconference, where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Unconferences have been held about technology, science, transit, and even cupcakes, but this is the first one focused on space exploration.

SpaceUp is going LIVE again on 1 April 2021: #PreparingForSpace

After the success of the virtual SpaceUp unconferences in 2020, while much of the world continues to work from home, SpaceUp is proud to hold another edition in 2021! Join us on Thursday 1 April, from 18:00-21:00 CEDT/12-3pm EDT), for SpaceUp LIVE 2021! All info on how to join can be found here.


 SpaceUp is your unconference

Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion. Sessions are proposed and scheduled on the day they’re given, which means the usual “hallway conversations” turn into full-fledged topics.

Meeting all of these people has really given me the courage to step out and say, “I am going to take an active role in making space more common around here. I need, as a human, to show my fellow peers the wonders of the stars.”

Zachary McCauley, after SpaceUp DC

You will be amazed at what comes out of SpaceUp. Based on similar unconferences in other industries, you might see businesses started, problems solved, projects kicked off, plans hatched, and amazing friendships born.

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