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One month left until SpaceUp Stuttgart 2017: Ad Astra via Stuttgart (23.07.2017)

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Only one month left until SpaceUp Stuttgart, your space unconference. Register today, reserve your participation slot and you will be in good company in the Raumfahrtzentrum Baden-Württemberg (RZBW). In addition to the initial lineup with Prof. Reinhold Ewald (German ESA-astronaut), the Space Station Design Workshop (SSDW) and diverse space organisations from Stuttgart, so far we find new participants from the following companies and organisations and fascinating questions on our filling list…

  • Astronauts Bonnie Dunbar (NASA) and Ernst Messerschmid (DLR)

    • We are sorry to inform you that Ernst Messerschmid and Bonnie Dunbar are unable to visit. Nevertheless, you need not fear: The remaining line-up is sure to keep you entertained and informed.
  • 20160717T164037-2351_smallChristiane Heinicke from the Mars simulation experiment HI-SEAS.
  • Tesat-Spacecom, Airbus Defence and Space
  • REXUS-Projects:
    • PATHOS & DAEDALUS from Würzburg
    • ROACH from Stuttgart
    • VIPER
  • Neurons in Space from Hohenheim
  • Überflieger Projects:
    • PAPELL from Stuttgart
    • EXCISS from Frankfurt
  • Max-Planck-Institute for extrateresstial physics
  • How to engineer?
  • Your personal project! Your field of interest!

And more!

At SpaceUp Stuttgart, everyone is a participant. If you have a space project, present it here, discuss it with everyone and expand your network. And if you always wanted to fly a spaceship, here is your chance to control the Sojuz Simulator and dock it to the International Space Station.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be active in space. Register and find more information below.

 Announcement – Registrations now open!

We are looking forward to welcome you to SpaceUp Suttgart, 23.07.2017,

We are proud to announce that the 3rd SpaceUp Stuttgart unconference will return on 23 July 2017 at the Space Center Baden-Württemberg (RZBW), using the motto “Ad Astra via Stuttgart”. Once again, SpaceUp Stuttgart will be the introductory event to the Space Station Design Workshop (#SSDW) (separate registration open until 30th April) of the Institute of Space Systems, an international student workshop to create the next Space Station.

It is a great opportunity for the participants and all interested people to get together and share their opinions and get an insider’s view into research and industry work. The SSDW will bring an international and diverse touch to our unconference. Due to the cooperation with the SSDW, we already have a line-up with lots of awesome presentations by researchers, industry insiders and of course by local student teams. You are invited to enrich this SpaceUp by adding your own topics and ideas.


Current Preliminary Line-Up – Updated additional line-up above!!

  •   Prof. Reinhold Ewald (German ESA-astronaut)
  •   Aerospace Lab e.V.
  •   KSat e. V.
  •   Hybrid Engine Development (HyEnD)
  •   Sojus-Simulator
  •   Your student team! Your Bachelor/Master/Doctoral-thesis! Your company/start-up!

What is a SpaceUp?

SpaceUp applies the spirit of unconferences, Ad-hoc-non-conferences or BarCamps. By this, our emphasis lies on unconventional organisational forms and professional exchange without a pre-selected schedule of topics. This breaks down the separation between the audience and the presenter. Everyone is a presenter. Everyone can decide at the location during the event whether or not he or she wants to talk about his/her favourite space topic, the master thesis, a student project or what he/she is working on during the day job. Standard presentations are 20 minutes in length alongside the shorter T-5 talks, or send us a 60-seconds-to-land video. You’re arriving with a question or an unsolved problem? Open a discussion round and exchange your thoughts with others. This is the most powerful aspect of SpaceUp.

Please register today to secure your slot for yourself or your student team today. If you have hardware, we encourage you to show it to everyone in our show room.

Diverse Past Line-Up

Many more participants had attended last year, most of which are likely to return with their latest projects.

Register now via the form below.

We are looking forward to welcome you to SpaceUp Suttgart, 23.07.2017.

Your SpaceUp Stuttgart Team

In a nutshell

  •   SpaceUp Stuttgart 2017 - Ad Astra via Stuttgart
  •   When: Sunday, 23.07.2017, Open Doors 08:00, Start 9:30-10:30
  •   Where: Institute of Space Systems (IRS), Raumfahrtzentrum Baden-Württemberg (RZBW),
  •   Pfaffenwaldring 29, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  •   Free admission!
  •   Web:
  •   FB:



In the next couple of weeks you will find more information about SpaceUp Stuttgart here on this page. Registration is open now! For further questions contact us here spaceup stuttgart ( at ) ksat-stuttgart . de. Follow us on Twitter @SpaceUpStgt or like us on Facebook.

Please note:

The spirit of SpaceUps is that every visitor is also a participant. You are, however, not required to submit a topic or give a presentation. We merely invite you to actively join the discussion, whether you use the opportunity is up to you.


Your Organising Team:


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The Space Center Baden-Württemberg (RZBW) is the new home of the Institute for Space Systems (IRS). It is located on the innovative and creative campus of the University of Stuttgart within easy reach of Southern Germany, Northern France and Switzerland.

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