The SpaceUp Team

The SpaceUp Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization incorporated in California. The Foundation provides tools, funding, and organizational support to SpaceUp unconference events around the world in order to foster collaboration, outreach, and project-based learning between space professionals, advocates, students, educators, and scientists.


Remco Timmermans, CEO ad interim (@timmermansr) is a social media consultant for space, and frequent SpaceUp organizer and participant. He is a passionate space ambassador, with the aim to make SpaceUp the world’s leading space unconference brand.

Jesse Clark, COO (@jessesclark) is a systems administrator, pilot, and space advocate. He founded the San Diego Space Society, directed the Young Eagles program for the San Diego chapter of EAA, and organized the very first SpaceUp.

Board of Directors

Chris Radcliff, Founder (@chris_radcliff) is an author, technology speaker, software engineer, and long-time unconference participant. Chris founded SpaceUp in San Diego and will happily dance like a monkey to spread space unconferences around the world.

Cariann Higginbotham (@cariann) is a frequent SpaceUp participant, co-host of the TMRO weekly webcast, and barista at SpaceX. Cariann will happily make Chris dance like a monkey to spread space unconferences around the world.

Cindy (@txflygirl) is a Systems Engineering & Integration Engineer with International Space Station, Constellation, and Commercial Crew experience. She holds an MBA and is an educational/participatory outreach advocate. She founded SpaceUp Houston and served as the Executive Director from 2010-2013.

Marimikel Charrier (@marimikel) is a professional space and science evangelist. Marimikel organized the first SpaceUp San Francisco and co-founded the SpaceUp Foundation.

Local Organizers

Each SpaceUp is organized by a local team of space community and unconference leaders. Some of the usual suspects include:

  • Dennis Bonilla – SpaceUp DC
  • Eric Gever – SpaceUp LA
  • Michael Clive – SpaceUp LA
  • Michael Doornbos (@mrdoornbos) – SpaceUp DC
  • Sam Coniglio – SpaceUp San Francisco
  • Sarah Worthy (@sarahmworthy) – SpaceUp Houston
  • Scott Norman (@scottnorman) – SpaceUp LA
  • Tristan Moody (@SWGlassPit) – SpaceUp Houston
  • Alex von Eckartsberg (@StarlingLX) – SpaceUp Europe and Cologne

We also keep a Twitter list of SpaceUp organizers. Are you a SpaceUp organizer? Email us if you would like to be in either list.

Contact Us

Excited about having a SpaceUp near you? We have tips on how to start your own SpaceUp and get connected with other SpaceUp organizers around the world.

If your SpaceUp could use organizational, financial, or promotional support, email and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Or you can write to us at SpaceUp Foundation, 325 W. Washington St. #2229, San Diego, CA 92103