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SpaceUp Angers (France, 20-21 May 2023)

Registration is open! Join us in Angers on May 20 and 21,2023 to celebrate SpaceUp France’s 10th anniversary! Click here for ALL INFO

SpaceUp Angers France 2023

SpaceUp Leicester (Leicester, United Kingdom, 17 November 2018)

We are glad to announce another SpaceUp event this year! This autumn SpaceUp unconference is coming to Leicester. So far it is planned as a one-day event at the DOCK on 17th November, but there could be changes. For more updates about event you can subscribe to SpaceUp Leicester on social media: on Twitter, on Facebook or Instagram
Also, please, visit the official SpaceUp Leicester site for the scheduling and registration.

SpaceUp Netherlands (Delft, 15 July 2018)

Welcome to SpaceUp Netherladns 2018! The SpaceUp unconference in Delft will take place on 15th of July in TU Delft Fellowship Building Kluyverweg 5, 2628 CN Delft. For information about scheduling, sponsors and speakers please visit SpaceUp Netherlands site. For ordering tickets please follow this link over here

For more updates about event you can subscribe to SpaceUp Netherlands on social media: twitter or Facebook


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