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SpaceUp ISU – 11-12 April 2015

Always a big supporter of SpaceUp, the International Space University is opening up its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France, for its first space unconference! Open for ISU students, alumni, future students, space professionals and enthusiasts (that’s basically everyone…) on 11-12 April 2015. Coinciding with Yuri’s Night, the unconference will smoothly end in a space party! See the official SpaceUp ISU website for more info and registration, and follow @SpaceUpISU on Twitter.

SpaceUp at IAF Global Space Innovation Conference in Munich – 23 June 2015

The International Astronautical Federation has included a full SpaceUp day during the first day of the Global Space Innovation Conference (GLIC) in Munich on 23 June 2015, from 9:00 to 15:00. Open to students and young professionals, you can find more information on the GLIC SpaceUp program here (click on Tuesday 23 June to open the program).

SpaceUp Belgium – 5-6 September 2015

After the successful SpaceUp in Genk in 2012, another SpaceUp will be organised in Belgium. This time, the event will take place at the Planetarium in Brussels on 5-6 September 2015. More details on our website: Also follow us on Twitter via @SpaceUpBE

SpaceUp San Diego - 9-11 October 2015

The fifth SpaceUp - San Diego will be held this October 9-11, 2015.  We are hosting our event at the end of World Space Week and extending that motto to be “Discover what excites YOU about space!“

SpaceUp Rome – 24-25 October 2015

One of the first cities in the world, but the eternal city Rome never hosted a SpaceUp. In fact, SpaceUp Rome will be the first SpaceUp in Italy. Hosted at the famous La Sapienza University this promises to be a great event. Good food is guaranteed too! So why not plan your trip to Rome around the weekend of October 24-25 and meet the Italian space crowd! All info can be found at the SpaceUp Rome website and through the @SpaceUpRome Twitter account.

SpaceUp X – Paris Polytechnique – 7-8 November 2015

Following the success of the first French SpaceUp, that was held in May 2013 at the Parisian headquarters of the European SpaceAgency (ESA), and the second unconference at Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse in September 2014, the SpaceUp France organizing team will host SpaceUp X in Palaiseau (near Paris), France on 7 and 8 November 2015. All info can be found on the wonderful SpaceUp France website (almost better than this one!) and by following @SpaceUp_FR on Twitter.

Past SpaceUps:

SpaceUp Cologne

Cologne is the heart of European space, with the ESA EAC and DLR’s famous :envihab. SpaceUp Cologne was held at the ESA European Astronaut Center venue, right in the middle of the action! Plenty of space people to hang out with for two days on 21+22 March 2015. Go to the SpaceUp Cologne website for all info and, and make sure you follow @SpaceUpCologne on Twitter and check out the SpaceUp Cologne Facebook page.

SpaceUp Phoenix (AZ)

SpaceUp Phoenix will be held at the Mesa Community College (MCC) on Sat. March 7, 2015. The event is sponsored by MCC, the Phoenix Chapter of the National Space Society (NSS), and the Phoenix Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). See the dedicated SpaceUp Phoenix website for all details.

SpaceUp Australia

Organizers in Adelaide, South Australia are planning to host Australia’s inaugural SpaceUp on September 28, 2014! Follow SpaceUp Australia on Facebook or @SpaceUpAUS on Twitter, or find out more on the SpaceUp Australia website.

SpaceUp Barcelona “World Space Week Special”

Planned on the evening of 9 October 2014, during the World Space Week – SPAIN celebration, at the CosmoCaixa Science Center in Barcelona. Are you interested to present your ideas about space exploration, want to sponsor, want to attend? Please contact us for more info: Also follow us on Twitter: @SpaceUpBCN

SpaceUp Stockholm

Sweden is getting ready to open up a new chapter in Space outreach by having its first ever SpaceUp in Stockholm, on 18 October 2014. SpaceUp Stockholm is being organized collaboratively by Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AAA). You can find out more at their website here.

SpaceUp Toulouse

Already the second SpaceUp event in France, this time at the home of Airbus, Arianespace and of course the famous Cité de l’Espace, which was the venue of SpaceUp Toulouse on 20 and 21 September 2014. They may be followed as @SpaceUpTLS on Twitter and have a great dedicated website here.

SpaceUp Netherlands

The first ever SpaceUp in the Netherlands was hosted at the ESA’s “Space Expo” Visitor Centre just outside its main Technology Centre ESTEC in Noordwijk, just off the Dutch North Sea Beach. In the presence of historic and modern European, American and Russian space hardware the Dutch (and European) space community discussed cool space topics, only interrupted for a traditional Dutch pancake dinner on Saturday evening. Follow @SpaceUpNL on Twitter and see the official SpaceUpNL website for all information on logistics and participants. 10+11 May 2014.

SpaceUp UK

The first SpaceUp on UK soil had been in the planning for quite a while, but London had the honour to host the UK space community on 5 and 6 July 2014. For more info on results follow @SpaceUpUK on Twitter and have a look at the official SpaceUp UK website.

SpaceUp Atlanta

The second SpaceUp to be held in Georgia will happen on September 28, 2013. Follow @SpaceUpATL on Twitter or see the SpaceUp Atlanta page for updates.

SpaceUp Denver

Space United, a humanitarian non profit space organization, is organizing the first SpaceUp in Colorado during the World Space Week. Between October 3rd and 6th, with a movie night and costume party planned, it will pack entertainment with discussions! Visit the SpaceUp Denver website to learn more and register.

SpaceUp Orlando

Organizers in Orlando, Florida are planning their first SpaceUp for October 13, 2013. Follow @SpaceUpO on Twitter or see the SpaceUp Orlando page to learn more.

SpaceUp India

The first SpaceUp in India was held in Bangalore in December 2012 and gathered 250 participants, the largest SpaceUp so far! The next one will be in Bhopal on December 6-7, 2013. Visit them at the SpaceUp India website, or follow them at @SpaceUpIndia on Twitter.

SpaceUp Waterloo

Organizers in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada are planning their first SpaceUp for 2013. Follow @SpaceUpWaterloo on Twitter or see the SpaceUp Waterloo page to learn more.

SpaceUp at ISDC 2013

A SpaceUp was held at the International Space Development Conference (the yearly conference of the National Space Society) in San Diego in May 2013. Follow @ISDC on Twitter or the ISDC page on Facebook for updates.

SpaceUp Paris

A frog-eating team held  the first SpaceUp in Paris on May 25th-26th, 2013, in the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters. For the latest updates, follow @SpaceUpParis on Twitter or the SpaceUp Paris page on Facebook. And photos and more can be found on!

SpaceUp Seattle

Seattle is proud to have hosted its very first SpaceUp! Organizers were lucky enough to have The Museum of Flight offer to host the event, on April 13-14th 2013. Follow @SpaceUpSeattle on Twitter and check out the SpaceUP Seattle page to learn more.

SpaceUp Kansas

Organizers in Lawrence, Kansas had their first SpaceUp in April 2012, and was back on April 13th, 2013. Follow @SpaceUpKansas on Twitter to learn more.

SpaceUp Houston

Houston made a big splash with their first event in 2011, followed by workshops, panels, and other targeted events. They came back in February 2012. And they splashed back on February 9th, 2013! Follow them at @SpaceUpHOU on Twitter or visit the SpaceUp Houston website for event updates.

SpaceUp San Diego

The grandaddy of all SpaceUps, San Diego hosted their third SpaceUp event in February 2012. Follow them at @SpaceUpSanDiego on Twitter or visit the SpaceUp San Diego website to learn more.

SpaceUp DC

DC showed that SpaceUp isn’t just a West Coast phenomenon. Their first event drew an enthusiastic crowd in August 2010. Follow them at @SpaceUpDC on Twitter to get involved.

SpaceUp Los Angeles

LA is the center of the New Space Coast, and they showed it at their first SpaceUp in summer 2011 and second in summer 2012; you can follow them at @SpaceUpLA on Twitter or visit the SpaceUp LA website to stay informed.

SpaceUp San Francisco

The Bay Area is known for technology, but SpaceUp SF showed that space is also on the cutting edge. Their first SpaceUp was in spring 2012. Follow them at @SpaceUpSF on Twitter or visit the SpaceUp SF website to get updates.

SpaceUp Toronto

Thanks to Yuri’s Night and organizers of AlphabetCamp, Toronto had its first space unconference, currently called SpaceCamp, in April 2012. Follow the SpaceUp Toronto page on Facebook for updates.

SpaceUp Austin

Organizers in Austin are planning their first SpaceUp for June 2012. Keep an eye on the SpaceUp Austin page for more information.

SpaceUp Boston

Organizers in Boston are planning their first SpaceUp. Learn more, volunteer or follow on our page or twitter @SpaceUpBoston.

SpaceUp Minneapolis/St. Paul

Organizers in MSP are looking for volunteers to help them put on a SpaceUp in 2012. Follow @SpaceUpMSP on Twitter and let them know if you’d like to help.

SpaceUp Pittsburgh

Organizers in Pittsburgh, PA, need your help for their first SpaceUp ever in 2012! See the SpaceUp Pittsburgh page for details.

SpaceUp Stuttgart

Organizers in Stuttgart, Germany held their first SpaceUp in October 2012. Follow @SpaceUpStgt on Twitter to learn more.

SpaceUp Europe

The first SpaceUp in Europe was held at the Cosmodrome in Genk, Belgium, on 22 and 23 September 2012. Go to the SpaceUp Europe website to learn more, or follow @SpaceUpEU on Twitter and find us on Facebook and Google+.

SpaceUp Atlanta

SpaceUp in the Peach State was a great success! We’ll try to do it again next year. In the meantime, here’s our website (SpaceUp Atlanta),  Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

SpaceUp Poland

After the great success of SpaceUp Europe, more unconferences are being organized in Europe. Four Polish space enthusiasts have organized SpaceUp Poland in Warsaw, to be held on 24+25 November 2012. Check out all there is to know at the SpaceUp Poland page and follow @SpaceUpPL on Twitter.

Many are being planned around the world, but we need your help! If you’re interested in organizing a SpaceUp in your city, check out our page on starting your own SpaceUp. You can do it!