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SpaceUp September 2017


Mini SpaceUp Paris (Paris, France, 17 September 2017)

A new concept by the awesome SpaceUp France team! On Sunday afternoon 17 September they will host a mini SpaceUp in the French capital. A ‘Science Cafe’ like event to talk space in unconference style from 17:00 onwards. See this webpage for all details (évènement en Français).

SpaceUp Colombia (Bogota, 4 October 2017)

The first SpaceUp in South America will take place in Bogota, Colombia, on 4 October 2017. Part of the annual World Space Week celebrations, the beautiful Fundación Unversitaria Los Libertadores hosts this unique opportunity for students and the general public in Bogota to talk ‘espacio’ in a new continent! See this webpage for all details.

SpaceUp Portugal (Lisbon, 7 October 2017)

Another first! SpaceUp is coming to Portugal this World Space Week! Check out to register!

SpaceUp Mexico (Mexico DF, 7-8 October 2017)

The honor of hosting the first SpaceUp in Central America goes to Mexico! Another World Space Week 2017 event, this two-day space weekend in Mexico City will be estupendo! Check out all there is to saber at!

SpaceUp Cote d’Azur (Nice, France, 21-22 October 2017)

The epic series of SpaceUp events in France continues with the third SpaceUp in France in 2017. This will be the very first event on the beautiful, romantic and spacy Cote d’Azur! Make your way to the Mediterranean on 21 and 22 October, for some late summer beach partying and talking space! See for how to join.

SpaceUp BIT (Beijing, China, 3 November 2017)

The first independent SpaceUp in China is in the calendar for this November! The prestigious Beijing Institute of Technology is host to this great university-led space unconference. Check out how to attend at!

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