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SpaceUp Toulouse (4-5 February 2017)

The next event organized by SpaceUp France will occur on February 4 and 5, 2017 at ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse, France. Check out the magnifique SpaceUp France website for all info.

SpaceUp ISU (Strasbourg, 11-12 March 2017)

Last time they brought UK astronaut Helen Sharman to the only dedicated space university in the world. What will ISU have in store for us in 2017? Register for SpaceUp ISU 2017 to find out: See SpaceUp ISU 2017 website for all info.

SpaceUp Norway (Trondheim, 18-19 March 2017)

A full three degrees further North than the previous northernmost event, the first SpaceUp in Norway promises to be a special one! And there is a lot of space going on in Norway that we want to learn about. So join us in the Northern winter for SpaceUp Norway!

SpaceUp IAF GLEX (Beijing, China, 5 June 2017)

The third edition of the IAF SpaceUp unconference, organized as a pre-event for the Global Space Exploration conference in Beijing 6-8 June. Tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of 5 June, more details will be announced on the IAF GLEX website, as well as here.

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