SpaceUpX is coming!

SpaceUpX? You mean SpaceX? SpaceUp at an unknown location perhaps? No! It is the name for the next edition of SpaceUp Paris, at the Ecole Polytechnique, that uses the X as its main logo. Registration just opened, so join us in Paris for another epic SpaceUp unconference in France on 7 and 8 November 2015! Go to the official SpaceUpX (Paris) website to join!


Sci-Five KickStarter campaign

The SpaceUp Foundation is getting ready to launch it’s first KickStarter fundraising campaign - “Sci-Five: Five SpaceUps for 2015.

SpaceUp Sci-FiveThe Foundation’s goal is to bring more awesome people (space geeks) together to share their passion and excitement about space.

Why are we doing this?  The Foundation is a functioning non-profit organization that helps SpaceUps, but it’s currently unfunded. Any SpaceUp run as a Foundation project gets some benefit from non-profit accounting, but as we’ve seen over the past few years, that’s often not enough to get a SpaceUp off the ground. We strongly believe that this bit of seed funding, plus the tools this will allow the Foundation to develop, will make the difference between a successful SpaceUp and one that doesn’t launch.

What can you do to help the SpaceUp Foundation campaign?  First and foremost, spread the word.  The more people that we reach, the more SpaceUps are likely to be held.  Second, consider contributing to the KickStarter campaign.  There will be great SpaceUp awards for all the various levels, but even one dollar helps!

Here is quick peak at a few sample awards:

$1 – Singularity Drive

One vote for your favorite SpaceUp city.

Exclusive access to a thank-you video from the Foundation.

Notification when public registration to each SpaceUp is open.


$25 - Breakthrough Paper (Limit 100)

Three votes for your favorite SpaceUp cities.

A personal sci-five video from the Foundation.

One priority registration to one of the five SpaceUp events (your choice).

Swag Factor 1 and Swag Factory 2 eligible.


$625 - Beyond the Realm of Science (Limit 1)


Six votes for your favorite SpaceUp cities.

Personal sci-five videos from EVERYONE listed above.

Priority registration to all five SpaceUp events (one each).

Naming rights to one of the rooms/pods at your favorite SpaceUp event

Swag Factor 1, Swag Factor 2, Swag Factor 3 multi-pass.


Click here to go to our #SciFive Kickstarter page!


SpaceUpAustralia2014  SpaceUp Atlanta Square Logo   SpaceUp Europe Tickets  spaceup-SD-fullsize

SpaceUp Pittsburgh  spaceupstuttgart_logo_blue_btn   SpaceUp Houston T-Shirt  SpaceUp Cologne Grid

Over the last five years SpaceUp has evolved into a major brand in space outreach and education. By strengthening the foundation we can support more local organizers and be an even more professional partner to the space and science communication industry. Help us make the SpaceUp Foundation even better.  Spread the word around the word and encourage everyone to join in!


SpaceUp Rocks the European Astronaut Centre: SpaceUp Cologne

SpaceUp Cologne Grid“Welcome, do you want to talk?” asks Jan Svoboda, one of the SpaceUp organisers, pointing at the session grid, a whiteboard depicting all speaker slots for the first day of SpaceUp Cologne. This might seem an unusual conference greeting, but not so with a SpaceUp ‘unconference’…

Read the rest of this wonderful story at the ESA website, written by SpaceUp Cologne participant and ESA HQ Crossmedia Manager Marco Trovatello (@marco_t) at the ESA Social Space blog here.

How to organize an unconference: From idea to reality

It’s been a while since SpaceUp Bremen was organized, but this very successful event came up at the SGAC Gala Dinner at the Ontarion Science Center last night, when a bunch of SpaceUp veterans discussed ideas and plans. There is rumor of a new SpaceUp in Bremen in 2015, possibly with a few new elemens.

Anyway, when talking to one of the SpaceUp Bremen organizers, we also talked about lessons learned. She will present these at IAC in Toronto later this week, and she wrote a cool blog post about it too, called “How to organise an Unconference : from the idea to the day it really happened“. Great lessons for other organizers. Have a look!

SpaceUp Bremen group photo (12 April 2014)

SpaceUp Bremen group photo (12 April 2014)

Last call for SpaceUp in Space City Toulouse

Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse, France

After the great success of the first SpaceUp in France, at ESA HQ in Paris last year, we are getting ready for the second SpaceUp Unconference on French soil. This time the venue is as-epic as was last year’s: Cité de l’Espace (‘Space City’) in Toulouse, in the south of France. If you don’t know the biggest space park in Southern Europe yet, have a look at their spacetecular website.

The two-day SpaceUp on 20 and 21 September 2014 has an empty grid, but many on-the-side attractions and special guests to make this an event you don’t want to miss. Just click on above picture of the venue to see the special information and registration website. But hurry! Seating is limited!

Follow SpaceUp Toulouse on Twitter (@SpaceUpTLS) for the latest news.

Calling all SpaceUps, we want you for International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2013 in Beijing!

After all these great SpaceUp events everywhere in the world bringing together so many diverse people discussing about the space topics they like, the initiator of SpaceUp and the local event organizers for SpaceUp Stuttgart and SpaceUp India thought it would be a great idea to evaluate what we achieved with SpaceUps. In this way every future SpaceUp can benefit by our finding. So we need all of you SpaceUp local event organizers and participants for this collaborative evaluation.

And the best part of this is it, that we will present the final result at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2013 in Beijing. The IAC is an annual congress organized by the International Astronautical Federation together with the International Academy of Astronautics and the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). Diverse space discipline are presented and discussed in plenary sessions, lectures and meetings. The IAC is attended by the agency heads and senior executives of the world’s space agencies. And this year’s IAC will be held from 23 – 27 September in Beijing, China under the theme of “Promoting Space Development for the Benefit of Mankind“.  We think SpaceUp has a part in promoting space, so we should be there.

On behalf of all SpaceUps we submitted the abstract “SpaceUp unconferences: a 21st century global approach to space outreach” for the ”Space Culture: Innovative Approaches for Public Engagement in Space” session (2013-09-27 09:45) and it was accepted for a presentation and paper.

So we all can show what makes SpaceUp special, it’s participation. And we also would like to integrate the participatory approach for this “Year Book” what will become the paper for IAC 2013. So all of you will be co-authors and all of your SpaceUps will have a part in it. We will bring SpaceUp to those, who still haven’t heard of it, but are experts in their space sector. So it’s the very essence of SpaceUp connecting experts and the public in an innovative approach.

The content of the year book is not fixed. We just want you organizers to tell us what you experienced during your SpaceUp, what made it special, what didn’t work or what was an unexpected success. And we also want to hear from participants what you like or didn’t like about unconferences like this or what you would do in another way. Perhaps it changed the way you think about space and you want to share your experience. What do you think? Just tell us! We will help you writing and collecting everything.

We will start the collaborative working in here and you are kindly invited to participate any time. You can tweet or email us for questions or commitments, but we’re not the heads of this “Space Up Year Book 2010-13” it’s YOU! So let’s see where we head. Be creative, be curious, be part of the paper! There is space for everybody!

And who knows, perhaps we will all meet-up in Beijing and have a SpaceUp at IAC 2013 like there was for SpaceUp at ISDC 2013 (will be held at the International Space Development Conference in San Diego)?

Read the starting point for the SpaceUp Year Book, read the abstract for IAC here (IAC-13,E1,8,7,x17081.brief)!

Your fellow SpaceUp organizers!

PS: If you attended SpaceUp Paris and have seen this @60SecondsToLand video, you now know why the IAC 2013 was mentioned.

SpaceUp Paris calling for “60 seconds to land” videos

The first SpaceUp to be held in Paris, France, will  be hosted at the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters, on May 25th-26th 2013. The event will even include a kickoff on the 24th, hosted by the French Space Agency (CNES) and based around the upcoming launcher Ariane 6!

Today SpaceUp Paris is announcing its call for “60 seconds to land” videos.

We would like to invite you to send in a “60 seconds to land” video that we will play during SpaceUp Paris.
You can present anything you like from “why SpaceUp $cityname is awesome” or just send in a “bonjour” or present a topic that could lead into a discussion round. You are completely free to fill 60 seconds as you like. It doesn’t have to be professional, so webcam captures are okay for us, as long as they show your enthusiasm and can inspire participants!

The first “60 seconds to land” videos to be displayed were at SpaceUp Stuttgart, Germany, in October 2012, and we simply love the concept – it gives the opportunity to those who can not attend to still make a contribution to the event.

Just send your video in until May 19th so that we will find them. You can twitter the link to @SpaceUpParis, or send the link through our contact page.


More information about SpaceUp Paris and online registration are located at