SpaceUp San Diego V – a success!

After a short hiatus, SpaceUp San Diego returned and was better than ever. The new venue at the San Diego State University was well suited for the occasion. With 60 attendees, a full one third of participants were students, from SDSU, UCSD and other colleges and universities. The students brought hardware projects for display in Hardware Alley. Industry engineers from companies such as SpaceX, Masten Space Systems, Moon and Back Travel, Othneil Dynamics, Jules Verne Launch, Additive Rocket Corporation, Deep Space Industries, Omnisafe, and more were in attendance.

With a one day format, the T minus 5 talks were moved to the beginning of the day to help spark session discussion ideas. One of the “ice-breaker” talks featured a song and a dance with Space Shuttle slippers!

The session board quickly filled up with great session topics – “Mars as a service” and “Nuclear Propulsion.”


The day ended with a fascinating discussion of the future of SpaceUp focused in San Diego.  The overwhelming consensus …? Let’s do this again! Let’s keep the conversation going. And let’s get-together more often.

So there you have it.  Let the Space Geekiness continue! Coming soon…..



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