Phase Change

SpaceUp DC, the second SpaceUp ever, is only a week away. Organizers around the globe are working to put on other SpaceUps, including one near you. SpaceUp is heating up.

It’s time for a change.

OK, it’ll be a small change at first, barely noticeable if you haven’t looked at the SpaceUp site that closely. I’ve scooped out all the San-Diego-specific content from the main SpaceUp site and moved it over to the new SpaceUp San Diego subsite. I also updated the remaining pages to reflect the actual photos, video, and general awesomeness we’ve seen at SpaceUp already.

SpaceUp locations will be added as their organizers announce them. Each city’s team is independent, but we’ll try to bring everyone together on this site as well. If you’d like to help organize a SpaceUp near you, read how it works and contact us to get started.

Onward and forward!

This was a triumph!

[Cross-posted from the SpaceUp San Diego news.]

I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. *

4599 SpaceUp Group Photo cropped

The first SpaceUp was awesome! I’m still recovering and catching up afterward, but the glow from all that concentrated amazingness is propelling me forward. While the wiki is getting filled in, take a look at the photos and videos that have already been posted.

More are available on Spacevidcast and Youtube, with links (as we get them filled in) collected on the wiki.