SpaceUp Paris calling for “60 seconds to land” videos

The first SpaceUp to be held in Paris, France, will  be hosted at the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters, on May 25th-26th 2013. The event will even include a kickoff on the 24th, hosted by the French Space Agency (CNES) and based around the upcoming launcher Ariane 6!

Today SpaceUp Paris is announcing its call for “60 seconds to land” videos.

We would like to invite you to send in a “60 seconds to land” video that we will play during SpaceUp Paris.
You can present anything you like from “why SpaceUp $cityname is awesome” or just send in a “bonjour” or present a topic that could lead into a discussion round. You are completely free to fill 60 seconds as you like. It doesn’t have to be professional, so webcam captures are okay for us, as long as they show your enthusiasm and can inspire participants!

The first “60 seconds to land” videos to be displayed were at SpaceUp Stuttgart, Germany, in October 2012, and we simply love the concept – it gives the opportunity to those who can not attend to still make a contribution to the event.

Just send your video in until May 19th so that we will find them. You can twitter the link to @SpaceUpParis, or send the link through our contact page.


More information about SpaceUp Paris and online registration are located at

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