SpaceUp launches in Europe

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SpaceUp unconference launches in Europe

Space is boring! Space is a world of rocket scientists and geek engineers. Even more so now that the Space Shuttle has retired. Humanity has been on the moon and launched a few satellites. Now it is time to start focusing on our own planet again.

“Space is boring” is the title of a famous presentation, first shown at the SpaceUp unconference in San Diego in 2010. Objective of the presentation is to show the opposite is true: developments in the global space sector have never been as exciting as they are now!

SpaceUp is a new communication channel, rooted in the social media world. It is an unconference, meaning that the event is organized, apart from the actual program itself. The conference attendees determine the event content themselves. All people attending are expected to fill a conference slot with a space-related subject, gradually filling a blank grid of time slots. This very open format allows a great variety of visions, ideas and projects to be presented and discussed. It enables all levels in the space and astronomy sector to discuss topics they deem relevant. From space entrepreneurs, scientists, educators and futurists to students and enthusiasts, all are welcome.

The SpaceUp concept was born in the United States in 2010. Unhappy with the fixed-format traditional space conferences, a few space professionals took the ‘unconference’ or ‘bar camp’ format and added a space-theme. In the following two years the concept spread all over the North American continent, with events in dozens of cities. In September 2012 SpaceUp becomes a truly global platform, with the first event in Europe.

Six young space bloggers and tweeps from four European countries teamed up to test SpaceUp in the old continent. Their efforts resulted in SpaceUp Europe being held at the space-themed Cosmodrome Planetarium in Genk, Belgium, on 22 and 23 September 2012. Based on the great success in North America, they are certain they can spread the excitement about global space exploration to a new audience in Europe. In order to reach their goal they have teamed up with ESA, the International Space University and DLR, which are all supporting the event.

Shortly after registration opened there are already 50 attendees, all waiting for their opportunity to share their vision on the future of the European space industry. There are still slots available, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to be among the early adopters of SpaceUp Europe!

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