SpaceUp DC is ON.

You probably came here because you heard about SpaceUp DC first, but if you haven’t, here are a few highlights so far:

explaining the session grid

The webcasting provided by Spacevidcast has been fantastic. The morning started with an audio glitch and a few bandwidth hiccups, but the rest of the day had three rock-solid simultaneous streams (one from each active session room) with clear audio. Better yet, the full archived sessions showed up on Youtube within a few hours!

The conversation on Twitter has been awesome, too. (Search for the #SpaceUpDC tag on Twitter to get a taste.) The live SVC feeds helped here; people who aren’t on-site have been able to report on SpaceUp sessions as though they were there. The conversation bounces back and forth between on-site attendees, remote attendees, and other followers on Twitter, as in this exchange between me, NASA, and Dennis Bonilla.

Of course, it isn’t all roses and rainbows; I haven’t seen a single Moonpie yet. Still, there’s a whole second day, so I’ll just have to keep watching.

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