SpaceUp Atlanta 2012 Topics

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See the following for some of the topics that were discussed about in 2012:

First Name Last Name Topic
Elizabeth Tang SEDS-GT
Curtis Iwata Organizing a SpaceUp.
What is the International Space University (ISU)?
Robert McBrayer Moon
Marc Merlin Humans on Mars – What’s the Rush?
Roger Lascorz the use of hydrogen as spacecraft propellant
Oruoma Alfred-Igbokwe Mars
Sudhanshu Amadipudi Blackholes
Cameron Caligan Juno, JUICE, magnetospheres, gravity, future manned and unmanned missions to various planets, moons, and other objects
Paul Graham!
Michael Mealling Commercialization
Eric Sembrat Astronomy (manned exploration, telescope usage, future missions)
George Bergmark Small Satellites, Robotic Exploration/Infrastructure Development, Space Tethers(lunar space elevator, tether propulsion), Manned Exploration, Colonization
Daniel Flores How far into the future is the most realistic timetable for safe civilian space travel?
How far into outer space can current technology take a small human colony? what does that look like?
Dane Freeman  space, propulsion, design, space beer
Darel Preble Space Solar Power & the Energy-Economy Link
Stephen Fleming Alt-space, XCOR, Space Angels Network, asteroid mining…
Ted Vibbert Jupiter’s moon exploration
James Moore Cubesats, GLXP, Space Tourism, MoonPies
Max Suica Zero Gee Industry, Space Automation, Economic Projections
Melissa Hutcheson Exoplanetary detection, long term space missions, engineering aspects of space probes/rovers
Joseph Sanchez Space Travel, Propulsion, Exploration, etc.
William Clifton Advanced propulsion methods
Jonathan Sharma Access to Space
Kevin Reilley Space and Rocketry: Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Rocket Club
Sunit Kulkarni The future of Space Exploration
Michael Poston Space Policy; Outreach to Adults
Yuriy Romaniw Carbon Fibers in Rocket Systems, Rocket Environmental LCA
Anthony Piplica New Launch Options for Small Satellites
Joshua Cuneo Opportunities in Metro Atlanta to get involved in the space industry
Vaibhav Kumar rockets,propulsion, ion thrusters,conspiracy theories
Raef Eagan How to: Rockets
Luc Martin Dangers of Space
Katie Squire USLI
Richard Zappulla Proximity Operations, Small Satellite Launch Vehicles, Use of cubesats in space, University Student Launch Initiative (USLI), Rockets
Gary Gilbert crowdfunding for space
Stephen Edwards Past, Present, Future of Space Access