SpaceUp LIVE #1

SpaceUp LIVE #1 – 29 APRIL 2020

SpaceUp LIVE is an online version of the global “space unconference” SpaceUp. It is a brilliant way to spend time with collaborators all over the world, without leaving your home, sharing your interest about space.


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How does it work?
Everyone who registers for SpaceUp LIVE is encouraged to give a talk or start a discussion in a live conference call. We bring together your submissions and amend the grid to moderate the best selections, which are posted to the “grid”.
Key dates (subject to change):
  • 6th April: Registration opens – call for proposals
  • 20th April: Call for proposals closes
  • 23rd April: We let successful applicants know if they will present. All others are invited to join the interactive Q&A
  • 27th April: Deadline to send final presentation (T-5 or grid session talk)
  • 29th April: SpaceUp LIVE

Sponsor – Spacebit (@SpacebitOne)

Spacebit is a privately held UK company that is working on space data analytics tools and robotic concepts of space exploration that include AI and advanced micro-robotics. Spacebit company is sending the first UK rover to the Moon in 2021. This is undoubtedly an unprecedented event in the history of British space exploration and science in general. Our goal is to create new opportunities for industry, academia, and helping with future development of new infrastructure and commercial resource exploration on the Moon and beyond.



  1. Geoff Smith, Specto Natura (@DrGeoffSmith) – “Earth Observation: Democratising the Overview Effect”
  2. Sajjad Ghazanfarinia, Fazadotir (@Fazadotir) – “Fazadotir”
  3. Chris Bellant, Mars Initiative (@ChrisBellant @MarsInitiative) – “Miles to Mars: Funding Humanity’s Future”
  4. Ramasamy Venugopal, IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (@ram_cosmo @Astro4Dev) – “Astrostays: community centric Astro-tourism for livelihood creation”
  5. Damien Hartmann - Fédération Open Space Makers (@hart_dam @Federation_OSM) – “Leading resilient distributed space projects, with no centralized organization: yes we can!”
  6. Eldrige Demelo, Angolan Space Program (@EldridgeMelo) – “Why Do We Need Space Project Management?”
  7. Hamed Ahmadloo, BoostUp Group (@AhmadlooHamed @BoostUpGroup) – “First Newspace Search Engine”
  8. Marco Filipe Mendez, ISAE SUPAERO (@ISAE_officiel) – “Space Comic Books, Cartoons, Games and Animation”

Grid sessions

  1. Vera Pinto, European Commission, DG DEFIS (@Astropolitica, @defis_eu) – “Space for Equality and Inclusion”
  2. Adam Crellin, Austrian Space Forum (@OxfordSpaceDoc @oewf)  – “Analog Astronaut Training”
  3. Nicole Chase, SEDS-USA (@Cape_gurl @SEDSUSA) – “Space for Everyone: What does it mean and how do we get to space being for everyone?”
  4. Gautham Balasubramanya, Institute of Productivity (@InstProd @75satellites – “75 Students Satellites Mission”
  5. Liam Kennedy, ISS-Above (@liamkennedy @issaboveyou)“ISS-Above : The story of a 6+ year adventure bringing Space Station Inspiration to the world.”

Panel session – “What will be the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the space industry?”

Manny Shar – Head of Analytics, Bryce Space and Technology (@mannyshar @BryceSpaceTech)
Manny Shar is the Head of Analytics at Bryce Space & Technology, leading consulting engagements for government and commercial clients, having built up Bryce’s presence in Europe from the ground up into a revenue generating and successful business. He has worked across the board on innovative projects from early stage investment to commercial model development in the space and satellite sector, including launch, spaceflight development, and technology forecasting. He previously managed analysis for a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of assets and carried out cross-functional strategic business development activities.

Sue O’Hare – ESA BIC UK Operations Manager, Science & Technology Facilities Council (@sueohare @ESABICUK)
Dr Sue O’Hare is Operations Manager of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre United Kingdom (ESA BIC UK) at Harwell, with a mission to nurture the growth and development of early-stage space-related companies. The ESA BIC UK is managed by the Science and Technology Facilities Council as one of a network of 21 ESA BICs in 18 countries across Europe. We offer a package of technical support, access to specialist facilities and equipment, business support, grant funding to accelerate product development, networking events and office accommodation.

Kartik Kumar – CEO, satsearch (@karkum84 @satsearchco)

Kartik is a space engineer and planetary scientist based in the Netherlands. He co-founded satsearch, the global marketplace for space, and actively promotes democratisation of access to the industry. He also initiated the TU Delft Astrodynamics Toolbox, an open-source toolbox for astrodynamics simulations. Kartik previously co-organised SpaceUp in the Netherlands in 2014 and 2015. He was also co-National Point of Contact for the Netherlands for Space Generation Advisory council between 2017 and 2019.

Melissa Thorpe – Head of Engagement, Spaceport Cornwall (@SpaceCornwall)

Melissa is the main liaison for industry, Government, military, media, public, and schools for Spaceport Cornwall. She works across the launch environment to efficiently secure support and communicate the spaceport story to a wider demographic. Originally from Canada, Melissa moved to the UK to study at London School of Economics, before moving into a career in aerospace development projects. She has been part of the Spaceport team since its inception in 2014.


What if I don’t want to present?

The whole event is planned to be streamed to YouTube LIVE
Those who register will be able to join the Q&A to directly interact with us at the end of each session. Viewers who join our Q&A will also be able to ask questions.

Organiser – R&R Space (@randrspace @spaceupleics)

It is the mission of R&R Space to push the boundaries of space technology and innovation by engaging people and ideas. We achieve this through new and exciting concept events and training. It is our aim to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and space explorers by unlocking their potential and linking them with new skills to build the future of space. R&R Space is founded by two space enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, Ryan Laird (@rjmlaird) and Ryan Bradley-Evans (@astro_ryanbe) who share a common vision of humanity’s place in space.

R&R Space are the organisers of SpaceUp Leicester. They use SpaceUp as a means to start the discussion around the topic of space, building a sense of community and a hub in the region for this growing industry. The aim is to spark some creative ideas that could lead on to future projects and activities in the region and beyond.