T minus 5 Talks

One of the most exciting parts of SpaceUp is T minus 5, a series of short talks in the Ignite format. Each speaker gets 5 minutes to talk, with 20 slides that rotate automatically every 15 seconds. It’s a fun format that’s more like karaoke than giving a presentation; it’s tough to keep up with your slides, but the friendly crowd cheers you on.

At SpaceUp San Diego, we’re featuring T minus 5 talks at the party on Saturday evening. These are the only talks that are scheduled beforehand. If you will be at SpaceUp San Diego and would like to give a T minus 5 talk, email the title and a short (two-sentence) description of your topic to Jesse Clark¬†before Thursday, March 21st.

For examples of T minus 5 and other Ignite format talks, see Andy Cochrane’s amazing talk Space Is Boring at the first SpaceUp San Diego, or Scott Berkun’s talk about how to give an Ignite talk.

The T minus 5 talks will be webcast live and archived for later viewing.