SpaceUp Norway


We are proud to announce the first SpaceUp Unconference to be held in Norway! SpaceUp Norway will be hosted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. On the weekend of 18-19 March 2017, people interested in space will be brought together to discuss, present and learn about space with other students, professionals and space players. SpaceUp Norway aims at being a new open discussion and idea generation platform for the region’s space community.

So how does it work? It’s not a scary thing, really. There will be some presentations, grid sessions, T-5 talks, workshop, lunch and lots of nice people to talk to. But what is this grid session business? And what about the T-5 talks?

The grid sessions are different sessions happening at the same time in two different rooms. They will be organised in a session grid which will start out empty, then fill up during the day. The sessions will last 15 minutes, and all participants are welcome to put up an idea on the session grid board and hold a session.

The T-5 talks are planned presentations lasting 5 minutes each. The speaker has 20 slides rotating automatically every 15 seconds. So you have to keep up with your own presentation! If you want to know more about the grid sessions, T-5 talks or the unconference in general, check out the How It Works page.


What is included?

For a small participant fee of 150 NOK:

SpaceUp Norway t-shirt
Goodie bag
Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
Classical Norwegian vafler
Inspirational talks by representatives from industry and academia
Participants’ Session Grid
Dinner at Cowsea Saturday night (payed at own expense)


Norwegian Space Centre
Andøya Space Center
Nammo Raufoss
NASA astronaut Kevin Ford
Spaceport Norway


Norwegian Space Policy Workshop


Realfagbygget (Building of Natural Sciences), NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
Main auditorium: R2
Session grid rooms: R3 and R4



The Session Grid

SpaceUp has many sessions going on at the same time, and only the invited speakers are scheduled beforehand. The only way to keep up with them all is the session grid, a giant board with all the available sessions listed on it. The session grid starts out empty at the beginning of SpaceUp. Sessions are proposed by writing your name and a topic in one of the slots on the whiteboard. The grid fills up quickly over the course of the morning, but it grows and changes as the day goes on and more ideas surface.

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