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First Name Last Name Topic
Emily Lakdawalla See Mars through Curiosity’s eyes
Markus Landgraf The Moon Whisperers
Christer Fuglesang Mass & Weightlessness
Paolo Nespoli MagISStra mission
Michel van Pelt Concurrent Design Facility and/or Spaceplanes
Michiel Kruijff Space Tethers
Alexander Soucek Explorers
Chris Welch The British Astronomical Society
Davy Vrancken Proba V
Alexandra Neumann #PinkLittleDragon
Kathrin Grannemann TBA
Simon Bierwald CERNtweetup (or something with photography)
Matteo Emanuelli Working in space through HE Space
Christian Lüthen ISU SSP12 “Space Studies Program 2012″ at Florida Institure of Technology
Nick Howes A Tail of Two Comets – Serendipity and Public Outreach
Roland Taams Be In Space
Jane MacArthur A Mission to the Outer Planets
Malgorzatas Solyaga Europa – interesting place to investigate?
Jip Lambermont Why you should make a Solargraph
Jarno Peschier Don’t know yet: maybe 5 minute session on Twisst mobile app or other space related mobile app?
Karen Radcliff Growing food on Mars
Andreas Kjeldsen Communicating science and technology to the general public, lessons from science fiction. (Tentative)
Susanne Pieterse TBA
Joseph Dudley Space settlement design competitions
Mark Benson Amateur Astronomy
Neil Wilson Artificial Gravity
Heather Archuletta Mars Program + NASA Microgravity Flight Simulations
Richards John Capturing the curvature of the Earth
Jeroen Toelen TBA
David Villa TBA
Stephan Gerard Interplanetary communication
Richard Scott Human Spaceflight
Daniel Fischer astronomical discovery anomalies
Linda Lemmens Astronomy (moons)
Martin Stojanovski Astronomy – Hobby or profession?
Maria Voyatzi TBA
Amjad Zaidi New Space Industries & New Frontiers
Claudia Bothe ESA
Jolanda Preusterink Cosmology in the classroom , Space education, motivate/inspire young kids (girls) to explore their space/future
Arthur Schoeters Why spaceflight?
Olivia Haider Marstweetup, Mars2013, Austrian Space Forum
Bas Lansdorp MarsOne: Human Settlement on Mars in 2023
Efstratia Salteri chasing a space dream
Warren Gebbett International collaboration
Stéphanie Folmer Home built CubeSats
Mindy Howard psychological training for commercial astronauts
Ingo Gerth Why explore Uranus?
Nancy Vermeulen Space Training
Peter Stumpf Disaster Management with Space Technology
Jaroslaw Jaworski Poland – new ESA member state
Jaap Meijers Twisst, ISS watching as a social event, space enthusiasm through social media
Radim Badsi Plug-and-Play Satellites
Iain Finer Backyard engineers, how can we get out of the shed?
Anne Grudzien TBA
Arie Nouwen Astroblogging
Jan Brandt Astroblogs
Damien Hartmann How to sell a space project
Stephan Dorrekens How to avoid space recession
Javier Pedreira How to photograph a launch
Piotr Lewkowicz TBA
Roy Bijster TBA
Daniela de Paulis TBA
Rob Drysdale TBA
Thomas Grübler TBA
Veronika Haberle TBA
Mario Hiti TBA
Jurgen Kobierczynski TBA
Johannes Kurz TBA
Ibai Quinteiro Recondo TBA
Pedro Real Ripa TBA
Jan Sobota TBA
Nadjejda Vicente Images of astronauts
Jeffrey Wallace TBA
Florian Werkl TBA
Remco Timmermans Red Shirt | #AuroraTweetup
Marco Frissen Red Shirt
Eico Neumann Red Shirt
Angie Kanellopoulou Red Shirt
Joachim Baptist Red Shirt
Alex von Eckartsberg Red Shirt