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SpaceUp Boston is an unconference, so all attendees are expected to give a demo, present a talk, participate in a panel, or join a roundtable. Don’t worry! The unconference format will bring together people to discuss space-related topics in an open, friendly forum.


The open to anybody! Including, students, professors, professionals, children and community members and space pets.

Boston will build upon other SpaceUp’s success, but for the Boston community. SpaceUp attendees love sharing, teaching and discussing the possibilities for space exploration. Topics include NASA programs, hobbyist projects, start-up companies, research, arts, policy, and business. who all have a passion for space exploration. It provides a mechanism for people to share knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as develop new ideas for the future.

We need you to help plan SpaceUp Boston!

Information and Sponsorship Packet for SpaceUp Boston can be found here.

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When do I go to Space?

YOU go into Space on top of a rocket built with a SpaceUp. A SpaceUp’s starts auxiliary power units at T-5 minutes, 0 seconds. Session chats and tweets count down till booster ignition and liftoff. Then we say that it is “launched.”

The process used in launching YOU atop a SpaceUp is though a “un-conference.”


Image of a Rocket with various arrows pointing to the rocket, as a satellite being deployed is labled as "you."

SpaceUp Rocket