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SpaceUp Afterhours

New this year, SpaceUp has organized a night out.  Starting at 9pm, after the Saturday evening dinner party and T Minus 5 talks, we’ll head over to Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company at Liberty Station (2562 Laning Road San Diego, CA 92106).

After a fun day space discussions, presentations, brain storming and creativity, gather with fellow SpaceUpers for a brew or two.  We have the heated patio reserved (but still bring a jacket) and Happy Hour prices.

Check out their Beer Blog!

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Swag and Webcasting

Only a few days left until SpaceUp San Diego! If you won’t be with us in person this weekend, you can still participate.


Each year we try to webcast SpaceUp San Diego. This year webcasting will be provided by Spacevidcast. All session PODS are planned for webcasting including Opening/Closing Session and the T Minus 5 talks in the main room (Pod One).

A dedicated volunteer will monitor the Spacevidcast chat room during each session, relaying your questions and comments to the room. Check the agenda for an outline of our schedule both days.

Pod One is also where those wonderful T minus 5 talks will be. Tune in during the Saturday night party from 7pm to 9pm Pacific time.

T-shirts, Patches, Stickers

One of my favorite parts of organizing SpaceUp is designing the swag, the t-shirts, patches, stickers, and other fun stuff our attendees get. This year it features wonderful art by Leo!


After the event, any leftover swag items will be available for sale from San Diego Space.  Email us for swag inquiries.

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60 Seconds to Land videos and T minus 5 talks

SpaceUp San Diego is this weekend!  After many weeks of planning and logistics, we can hardly believe it’s almost here.  You’ve registered, booked your hotel and arranged transportation. And we’ve planned the meals and ordered this year’s swag (although we’re still open to more sponsors to help cover it all).

Now comes the fun part: getting together to talk about space!

We’ll have a whole weekend to talk—and we’ll need it!—but one set of talks is special: T minus 5. They’re as short as a Youtube video, as fun as karaoke, and as nerdy as a 3D-printed turbopump.

Get more details on the T minus 5 Talks page.

Anyone is encouraged to give a talk, and that includes YOU. A few that have been proposed already, but we have room for more.

What do YOU want to talk about? Write down a title and a sentence describing your idea and email it to us by this Friday. We have room for lots of talks, so don’t be shy.

60 Seconds to Land

If you want to take part in a SpaceUp and you can’t be there in person, SpaceUp Stuttgart had a great idea for how to contribute: Send a one-minute video of yourself that they can play to the assembled crowd, just like a mini T-5 talk. Each SpaceUp gets to decide if and when they want to show your video – maybe during the opening session, maybe in with the other T-5 talks – but many of them are more than willing! See@60secondstoland on Twitter for examples.

If you have an idea for a video, you still have time.  When ready, email it to us by Friday midnight. These videos will be part of the Opening Session!

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A launch delay

[This was sent to backers of our Kickstarter project, which didn't get funded for 2011.]


OK, so that didn’t work.

It wasn’t due to any lack of awesome on your part, backers. You all stepped up in many ways, which is pretty amazing for an event with few details. It was a great response overall.

Still, we didn’t get the amount we needed to book the venue. I’ve replaced the cover on the “GO FAST” button.

Fortunately, we followed Ben Brockert’s advice: “Fail early, fail often.” Our assumptions were wrong, so we fix them. We thought that the sequel to a big SpaceUp was a bigger SpaceUp, but the data disagrees. So we change tactics and try again.

What now?

Now we get creative. Last night we met at the Emporium to go over our options, and we decided it’s time to test the Doornbos Conjecture*: “SpaceUp is NOT about SpaceUp.” In our case, it’s not about fancy venues, bandwidth, bulging schwag bags, tasteful catering, or boasting to the world about how many attendees or sponsors we can get.

What is SpaceUp about, then? You. Specifically, introducing you to other passionate space nerds and giving us all a chance to come up with something great. (Seriously, did you see that backers list? I want to be in that crowd!)

So what do we really need?

1. A place to get together and talk.
2. Time to work.
3. Freedom from nagging distractions: cold, hunger, boredom, alienation, disrespect, showers of beans. (See also: Maslow’s hierarchy.)
4. Inspiration.
5. People who are awesome.

Stripping all the rest away, we think we can do something cheap and awesome that still meets these needs. It might mean pizza for every meal, an attendance cap, no schwag, and a drab venue, but it’ll be affordable, sustainable, and still awesome.

We’re working through the details right now, but I’ll send out an update soon. Follow the SpaceUp San Diego website, Twitter, or Facebook to make sure you get it.


* not to be confused with the Doornbos Rule: “Break the rules.”

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Mars and Venues

Casa MachadoApparently the space community prefers Mexican food, at least in Southern California. The annual Mars Society dinner was at Acapulco on Friday, the SpaceUp crew went to Chipotle for lunch after our site visit, and SD Space took our guest speaker to Casa Machado at Montgomery Field. By the time we sat down at Casa Machado, I committed the cardinal sin of ordering a cheeseburger. (I know. It was on the menu, though, so fair game!)

Food aside, Mars has been on my mind lately. The Mars Society is going through some troubles, and Mars itself has dropped into the “eventual destination” category for human space flight. I personally think that the first footprints on Mars will happen surprisingly soon, but that’s another topic for SpaceUp.

Speaking of SpaceUp, our venue visit last weekend went really well. We have another coming up this week, and either venue would be great. Our venue choices are coming into the home stretch, which means we’re that much closer to a solid date. (I still think we’ll know in early January.)

We’re planning for as many as 200 people, but possibly as few as 75. That’s a pretty big range for meeting roomss, so we’d love to be able to narrow it down a little. The best way to do that is have you pledge a dollar at Kickstarter if this thing sounds even remotely interesting to you.

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