SpaceUp San Francisco

SpaceUp is soon coming to the city by the bay (or the home of the Starfleet Academy if you’re a Trekkie)!

By hosting SpaceUp San Francisco, we’re hoping to bring even more of the can-do hacker spirit, media know-how, and artistic sensibilities of the Greater SF Bay Area into the world of space. We might even throw in a little steampunk.

SpaceUp SF will be March 31-April 1, 2012 ¬†and we’d love you to get involved. Follow @SpaceUpSF for updates and contact Marimikel [at] if you would like to help out. More information can be found at See you there!

Organizers include:

Marimikel Charrier, @Marimikel

Sam Coniglio, @SpaceManSam

Edward O’Connor, @Hober

Matt Everingham, @matt808

Mike Zawitkowski, @projski