SpaceUp San Diego – Participants

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  • Adult Attendee - Full SpaceUp admission, which includes meals, snacks and beverages, and a few surprises.
  • Early Bird - Same as Adult Attendee, ends December 31st.
  • Launch Crew - Register as above, plus get a super-awesome exclusive Launch Crew swag. Proceeds go to support Student registrations.
  • Student Volunteer - Students who are willing to help out for a few hours during the event get a steep discount.
  • Child Attendee - Bring your child with you to SpaceUp! We’ll have a few special activities for kids and kids-at-heart. (Childcare won’t be provided, so plan accordingly.

Sample of attendees:


First Name Last Name Company/Organization
Bruce Allen . @fatcatratbat
Dennis Amman Civil Air Patrol .
Thibault Bagnol SDSU Rocket Project .
Kevin Baird . @KevinBaird
Justin Baird . .
Benjamin Beckwith SDSU Rocket Project .
Matt Bergman Masten Space Systems .
Phil Blanco Sponsor .
Christian Blanco . .
Wesley Brookman SDSU Rocket Project .
Thomas “Ryan” Callahan SDSU Rocket Project .
Rachel Choe Triton Rocket Club .
Jesse Clark San Diego Space Network @JesseSClark
Adrian Clausell San Diego Space Network @KJansky
Dave Dressler Moon and Back Travel @DresslerNSS
Davidson Ejimole Othneil Dynamics @food4taught
Cameron Flannery UCSD Triton Rocket Club @flannabhra
Erik Franks Masten Space Systems @erikjfranks
Robert Fryer Jules Verne Launch .
Peter Fryscak . .
Nicholas Garrett Additive Rocket Corporation .
Elliott Gorfain . .
Erik Hall . .
Keith Henson . .
John Hunter MoonShot .
Robert Slavey . @slavey
Sebastian Kaser UCSD Triton Rocket Club .
Rich Kenney AeroED Group .
Sagi Kfir Deep Space Industries @spacerumors
Andy Kieatiwong Additive Rocket Corporation .
Daniel Kindred DANSAN .
Mike Kobrin CEC Global Events .
Ben Kuhn Schwartz Astronomical Society .
Jennifer Martin-Velazquez SDSU Rocket Project .
Othniel Mbamalu Othneil Dynamics .
Kelsey McBarron . .
Robert McBrayer Space House .
Monique McClain UCSD Triton Rocket Club .
Molly McCormick SpaceX @Molliway
Scott Olson . .
Eric Opdahl Space Advocate .
Izzy Rimando Schwartz Astronomical Society .
Eric Robinson Omnisafe .
Brian Schrader . @sonicrocketman
David Schrunk Sci Law .
Kyle Schubert SDSU Rocket Project .
Anthony Simeonov Additive Rocket Corporation .
Abhinavdutt J. Singh HiTech EdVentures .
John Stone . .
Mark Street SpaceX .
Feliza Sunga Schwartz Astronomical Society .
John Telles AeroED Group .
Willie Valle Schwartz Astronomical Society .
Luke Voss . .
Michael Weir UCSD Triton Rocket Club .
Howard Whang UCSD Triton Rocket Club .
Gerry Williams The Mars Society – San Diego @MarsSanDiego
Mark Wilson . @CrustySeaDog


Registration closed