Haemapod is an unconference mapping tool that helps organizers and attendees find each other.

It is being developed for the SpaceUp community, but the code is applicable to BarCamps and other unconferences as well.

Where did you get the crazy name?

John Tantalo came up with a great way to find project names. I searched for names with "ae" and "map" in them, and voilá. It helps (slightly) that the definition kinda fits the logo.

What is a haemapod anyway?

Although the dictionary definitions are sparse and difficult to understand, this composite definition seems to fit:

A haemapod is an animal with limbs on (or directed toward) the ventral (belly) side of its body, as opposed to neuropods, which have limbs on the neural (spinal, cerebral) side.

Vertebrates are haemapods. Most invertebrates are neuropods.